Stop Violence


Stop Violence Ecosystem are a blockchain-based digital multichain currencies available in BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum and Arbitrum One, that aims to create a global ecosystem for fighting against violence and abuse with web3 utilities like NFT, Stakes, DAO and lottery.


ABOUT Stop Violence Ecosystem (SVE)

The token's main idea is to incentivize individuals, organizations, and governments to take proactive measures to prevent and stop violent behaviors by offering them financial rewards to promote non-violent behavior, or reward individuals who report cases of violence or intervene in violent situations. Ultimately, the goal of the SVE tokens is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that incentivizes positive social behavior and reduces violence worldwide.

Launch DAPP

Stop Violence Ecosystem Utilities

The project has countless functionalities already deployed with active and passive rewards for holders of any of the SVE tokens (SVP Token on BNB Chain, Stop Violence Academy on Ethereum or Stop Violence Learn on Arbitrum One). In addition, the ecosystem is continuously growing and evolving by adding new functionalities on a weekly schedule.

NFT collections and NFT stake with Token rewards.
Token Stake with Stablecoins Rewards.
Lottery drawing every 24 hours with a jackpot of up to $10,000 in BNB.
Academy, Anti-Fraud AI, DAO governance and more coming in the next weeks.

But what can we expect for the future?
Damian the founder of the project is working on what will be a revolution in the field of secure investments.

One of the main features of the Stop Violence Ecosystem will be the selfcalled "anti-fraud system", which is designed to identify and prevent fraudulent activity on the blockchain. The system uses AI and machine learning algorithms with other advanced techniques to analyze transactions and identify patterns of behavior that are associated with fraudulent activity. This can help to prevent scams, phishing attacks, and other types of fraud that are common in the cryptocurrency world.

There will be also tools at the Academy University for educating people about violence prevention and for connecting victims with community resources and support groups. Overall, the Stop Violence Ecosystem is a promising crypto project that has the potential to make a real difference in the fight against fraud and violence. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and machine learning, the project is able to provide a range of powerful tools, rewards and resources that can help to prevent these issues and create a safer and more secure environment for all users.

Stop Violence Academy Chart



(One Quadrillon)

The Tokenomics are common for the three contracts deployed.









Security and Audits

The contracts have their liquidity locked for a minimum period of 1 year. They are developed under ERC20 standards and do not have any hidden functions. The code can be consulted publicly in the different browsers or in our GitHub. Also the contracts in charge of the DAPPs are externally audited and have all the guarantees of a smooth operation.

Stop Violence Ecosystem NFTS

The ecosystem has three thematic and exclusive collections developed especially for the project. NFT is the access key for all products in the ecosystem.

First Collection

NFT made by Stop Violence Ecosystem in BNB Smart Chain.

0.1 BNB


Army Collection

NFT made by Stop Violence Ecosystem in Arbitrum One Chain.

0.012 ETH


Academy Tron Collection

NFT made by Stop Violence Ecosystem in Ethereum Chain.

0.01 ETH


SVE Academy University

Can you imagine up-to-date, cutting-edge financial training, supported by documents and audiovisual material together with artificial intelligence focused on the crypto world and at zero cost?
Well, you must be a holder of 1 Stop Violence token to access but if you don't learn it's because you don't want to!

More than 2000 hours of updated audiovisual material.
Personalized chat based on Artificial Intelligence that will allow you to consult 24/365 your doubts about new projects and market projections.
You just need to have ONE project token to gain access.
Live chats and much more is coming in the next weeks.



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